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Please follow the Steps outlined below before contacting us so that we can serve you more quickly.

NOTE: There is NO login required to use the support desk. The login below is for the product members area only. Please read the instructions below carefully.

If you purchased one of our Programs from the new Season 5:

If you are having trouble accessing your purchased programs (Discovery, Experience, Immersion, or programs from Rikka Zimmerman, Dain Heer, Joshua Bloom, Norm Shealy or Nan Lu) please make sure that you are at the members area and logged in. You can log in directly below:

* you must use the email you used to purchase the program or specified at time of purchase

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If you are looking for the Free Bonus Gifts

NOTE: If you are looking for the Free Bonus content, just go HERE. You DO NOT receive a login or password unless you purchased one of the above programs.

For all other issues, please provide us with as much information as possible, including your purchase receipt for product purchases. Please take your time and clearly spell out your request. Use your full name and the email address you used to purchase or join the program so we can better serve you.

If you purchased one of our Speaker's Special Packages (Current Season)

All the packages for Dain Heer have shipped. If your disc cases did not have the outer label, you can download and print it and insert it yourself. Be sure to print it in Landscape mode and trim it to fit.

CD cover    DVD cover

We apologize for this, but due to the very low price of the discs, we cannot send these labels to you.

For assistance with your purchase:

1. Carefully read all the instructions provided to you at the time of purchase. You will normally receive an email confirming your purchase and providing instructions on how to get support for the product.

In most cases, the speakers are providing their own fulfillment. Please contact them directly for support using the instructions supplied you at the time of purchase.

2. If you can't find the instructions or how to contact the speaker, click the link below and choose the speaker from the list of Help Topics. Please include as much information about your purchase as you can, so we can help you more quickly.




If you are inquiring about a purchase

from an earlier event:

Please provide as much information as you can about your purchase, including the email receipt you received and any relevant information that will help us solve your issue as quickly as we can.


We are in the process of moving our servers, so some pages from earlier events may not show up right away. If you are looking for a specific page, let us know and we'll prioritize it for you.

If you are having trouble with the 48 hour replay

1. Make sure you are within the 48 hour replay period. It begins within a couple of hours after the live call ends. Typically, that will be around 8pm Eastern Time.

2. If you are within the 48 hour replay time period, then follow the directions below for your particular computer or mobile device type:

PC or Mac Users

Make sure you can see the audio players on the call page. They are located directly under the special offer button. See the image below:

If you do NOT see the players shown per above, you need to make sure the Free Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer. You can verify that by clicking here

If the Flash Player is installed, then you may have an issue with your computer firewall, or other settings. These are beyond the scope of what we are able to assist you with.


We recommend you try a different web browser, try from a different computer, or consider purchasing mp3 download access to the entire series here. We will also sell individual downloads on each call page after the 48 hour replay period ends.


If you experience any other issues, we will try to do what we can, but you must supply us with the type of computer (PC or Mac), the web browsers (yes, please try more than one) you have tried (Internet Explorer (IE), FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and your computer operating system (Win 7, Mac OS 10, etc.)

iPad or iPhone Users

The iPad and iPhone do not support Adobe Flash. However, you may still access the replays. Your display will show the following:

Click in the middle of the black rectangle displayed there. Some devices may show a small white play button there. This should start the playback.